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May. 15th, 2012 07:26 pm
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Any comments or criticisms about my characterization or my style of play can be mentioned here. All feedback is greatly appreciated.

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[Late at night Austria will hear a quiet tapping at her porch window and if she opens her curtains she'll find Wriggle standing outside. She doesn't seem as energetic as normal and a trio of cockroaches are huddled on her shoulder]


Can I come in?


Aug. 25th, 2012 03:18 pm
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Standard outfit
Standard spellcard set
Last word spellcard
Small glass tank
Jar of honey

Obtained in-game

Can of bug spray
Meiling's hat
A photograph that reads "Get picture retaken with Wriggle. She is now family even if anyone has issue with it" on the back


Jul. 19th, 2012 10:38 am
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  • Wriggle is only semi-literate. She can recognize some basic words like 'food' and pretty much every insect name but with large blocks of text she tends to need a little help to get the overall meaning of it. Numbers she can recognize, but she may not always get the context

  • She enjoys being up off the ground. If she can't fly, she'll normally end up climbing on things.

  • Despite living in a world where it's so common she still calls magic 'weird'. Not because she thinks it's strange but just because she doesn't understand how to do it herself. Wriggle doesn't consider her own power magic.

  • She always tries to answer rhetorical questions.

  • Wriggle doesn't care if people see her as a boy or a girl. Having an androgynous appearance feels more natural to her due to the fact that in some species of fireflies the male and female look extremely similar.

  • Since her memory is so bad, sometimes it takes a few instances of meeting someone for them to stick. Often she'll have a vague recollection, if they have sometime notable about their appearance she might remember that but matching names and faces may take a while.


  • Since she can't always remember her dormitory number she sometimes sleeps in the fields or in other peoples dormitories. Luckily she always manages to sleep in her own room often enough to stop herself from dying.

  • She almost never checks the network. When she does it's only because she got distracted while moving from one place to another. Because of her trouble reading she completely ignores text posts.

  • Even though she doesn't voice it, Wriggle is worried that she's forgetting what her home was like. She's scared that one day she'll forget Gensokyo completely.
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Room 1-01
Collar Blue
Character Tag [ou] Wriggle Nightbug


1. Crushed by her costume. (20th October)
2. Froze to death. (22nd March)
3. Killed by the crying monster. (10th June)


May 8th Arrival in the tower
May 13th Painting with Taiki
May 17th [Network] A warning?
May 18th Encounters with Spidermom
May 21st Trunk research
May 23rd [Network] What's a lusus?
May 29th Storm watch

June 6th Disorientation
June 9th Eccentric cuisine
June 19th Endurance
June 25th Winning the contest
June 26th Television
June 29th Fumigation

July 1st Winning the event?
July 5th Temper tantrum
July 6th [Network] Party invite
July 13th Tara's magic
July 13th Blind date
July 18th No explanation given
July 19th Climbing trees
July 19th Are you lost?
July 22nd Duelling Cloud
July 23rd Stargazing with Hei

August 2nd There might be dragons
August 10th Different universes
August 13th Evacuation
August 13th Rescue clusterfuck
August 15th Nature heart
August 24th Dr. Jones

September 2nd Throne room
September 11th The fog
September 11th Showdown
September 24th Foraging

October 9th Paper craft
October 9th "Something on your mind?"
October 12th Trick!
October 16th Scavenger hunt
October 21st Ghosts

November 8th More from Gensokyo
November 26th Wandering soul

December 2nd An obvious trap
December 4th Snow and Colette
December 9th Petting zoo
December 10th You grew up
December 10th Influenza
December 11th Starting to spread
December 13th Maid of time
December 18th Hallucinations
December 20th Not going back
December 21st Replacement cadaver

January 13th Old man
January 15th Blood [network]
January 15th Never gets old
January 18th Birthday Boy
January 22nd [Network] Discovery
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Player Information

Name: Muri
Personal Journal: [personal profile] zettaimuri
Age: 22
Contact Info: [plurk.com profile] hmyo
Other Characters Played: None
Do you need an invite? No

Character Information

Character Name: Wriggle Nightbug
Character Series: Touhou Project
Character Age: Appears to be around 12 - 15
Character Gender: Female

Original Canon
Canon Point: Just after the events of Imperishable Night
Background Link: Touhou wiki
Personality: Her childish appearance is a testament to the decline in the social status of insects. Because of her species and ability, Wriggle is easily offended when people insult them or consider them nothing more than a nuisance. She tends to be aggressive and will lash out if provoked, if someone insults her or poses a threat she will attack without hesitation. However, Wriggle does consider herself a leader to the insect population and understands that unprovoked violence will ultimately end badly for them. Instead she tries to show people how helpful and important insects are but by no means is she a pushover.

Wriggle tends to live a rather fleeting life, it’s hard for her to consider things in the long term and she rarely holds on to information she no longer has use for. Unfortunately this often means that she doesn’t learn from her mistakes. Having no long term goals or aspirations besides increasing the reputation of insects, she tends to enjoy the simple pleasures in life such as sweet honey or conducting an orchestra of crickets and cicadas. The life-span of insects is short, so it seems only natural that the life-span of her endeavours is short too. Despite being a little slow and having a short memory, Wriggle is by no means stupid. In fact she can be quite crafty at times, utilizing her ability to provide services to make a little money or mobilize insects in a way that’s actually quite dangerous.

No matter how much people call her disgusting or look down on her for being an insect she’s still proud of who she is, perhaps almost to the point of egoism. Her determination seems limitless, although it’s mostly because she forgets to give up. She’s the kind of person who would prefer to be hated rather than ignored but she would still rather be liked than hated. Despite her aggressive nature she can display and caring and considerate side, if people act kindly to her she’ll very likely be kind back. At the same time, if accommodating someone means that she has to completely change herself and her ideals she won’t budge and inch.

A tomboyish girl who takes things in her stride. Her androgynous appearance is harmonious with the fact that in some types of fireflies there is little difference between the males and the females. Wriggle herself doesn’t seem to care much whether people see her as one or the other, she has more important things to worry about. She’s particularly weak to the cold and tends to be less energetic in winter. Her tolerance to chemicals, especially those used in insecticides is quite low. For her, she’s happiest in a natural environment where the insect population can flourish. Having devoted her life to them, she’s come to understand that insects might not become a dominant species in the same way humans or youkai are but she often feels that their importance is so overlooked and hopes that one day people will understand just how vital they are.

Firefly Youkai
Due to her nature as a firefly, flight comes easily to her. Her antenna means that she can get a general sense of the area around her so it's hard to sneak up on her unless you're really quick and take her by surprise. However, it doesn't seem like she's bio-luminescent.

The ability to to create elaborate patterns of bullets, be they magic or insect. As well as standard unnamed patterns she also has the ability to use spell cards. Commonly used spell cards are listed here and here (1-1, 1-3, & 1-5), and she also possesses a powerful last word spell card.

Ability to the extent of manipulating insects
She has the power to cause swarms of insects and control their behaviours. Insects is used in the loosest sense of the word, she can control bugs such as spiders and centipedes as well. The ability only extends to manipulating existing insects, she cannot create them out of thin air.

Sample Entry: Of course she'd be dubious about the place since day one but now it was really starting to get on her nerves. It wasn't the people, the lack of her home or even the weird collar she'd been forced to wear. No, it was the definite lack of any kind of insect. It just wasn't natural and it was driving her up the wall. She knew there was a garden and she knew there was a field, she'd definitely heard people talking about it but for the life of her she just couldn't find it.

Flying up from the bottom she'd soon forgotten where she was going, caught up trying to find the floor she was sure she'd passed until she woke up, wondering if had been a dream. Flying down from the top was no good, mainly because she soon found she lost the ability to fly. Not to mention that one island that always distracted her, it was so far down it was hard not to leer over the edge. Not today though, today Wriggle was determined to find her ever loyal subjects and with no patience to spare she burst out of the elevator and into the cafeteria.
"Hey!" she called out, trying to get everyone's attention, not that it was hard to miss her practically breaking down the door. "I know there's a garden here! There are insects there, right?" Surveying the few people on the floor she put her hands on her hips and tried to look as confident as she could.

"So who's going to help me get there?"


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